Max Antler Pro Review – A Supplement Like No Other?

Max Antler Pro

A Comprehensive Review written by: DaviSharpe There’s arguably nothing that delights a man more than having the perfect physique. Abs, bulging chest muscles, contoured biceps, just to mention a few are what most men – both old and young alike – dream and fantasize of. That’s why most of us often dedicate at least 6 hours every week to hit the gym, push iron and sweat it out at the treadmills. The search for this elusive physique will often push men to change their dietary habits drastically, quit the bottle and, generally, watch what they eat.

Nonetheless, working out does not guarantee muscle mass for a majority of men. In fact, most people only shed the fat in their bodies to reveal a little muscle that does not grow or bulge out to give you that magazine-like irresistible shape.

To address this, manufacturers took to the lab to engineer Max Antler Pro; a supplement like no other that helps you build muscle and get that toned body every man dreams of. Not to mention, Max Antler Pro can also aid in boosting your sex drive – something that most men will really appreciate.

Having said that, in the past many companies have released supplements that have proven to have adverse effects in the long run, and this has made some people doubt and even criticize the essence of these muscle building boosters. However, Max Antler Pro is like no other supplement; here’s a comprehensive look at what makes it stand out from the rest.

What is Max Antler Pro?

Max Antler Pro is a dietary supplement that enhances endurance during your muscle drills, improves your muscle gain, and offers muscle strength. Simply put, this product is the difference between looking like the average man and a man who can hold his ground. Max Antler Pro also speeds up your muscle recovery process, so you don’t have to wake up the next morning feeling like you were fighting at night.

The product also helps you shed excess fat and promote a lean physique. Max Antler Pro also offers men a boost in stamina, which translates to better performances both in the bedroom and in the gym. Men are very sensitive when it comes to sex; the inability to rise to the occasion can even affect our concentration levels during our day to day activities making us lose out on a lot of other important things.

It is not only your stamina that gets a boost; your mental performance is guaranteed to increase too. Max Antler Pro helps you retain focus and improve your ability to not only store but also recall memories at will. That’s not where the buck stops, this product also takes care of your digestive system and ensures you retain a healthy and fit colon. It is designed to turn any man into the perfect alpha male.

The company that manufactures Max Antler Pro goes by the same name. A team of doctors and trainers are tasked with making this antler velvet extract, and unlike other companies that work on a variety of supplements at the same time, this company only manufactures a single product.

How does it Work?

Max Antler Pro is made with deer antler velvet extract. Studies reveal that it mainly aids in increasing muscle mass, strength, and reducing recovery time. Antler velvet extract contains a growth hormone called IGF-1, which is created by deer and humans. It is a vital Max Antler Pro ingredient that encourages rapid muscle cell growth and accelerates cell repair.

In turn, anybody who uses this supplement can work out longer, harder, and even more often; this translates to an exponential increase in their muscle mass. IGF-1 also helps in repairing blood vessels and tissue lining; in doing so, circulation is improved. Max Antler Pro also helps your muscle cells generate more glycogen stores. Glycogen is responsible for improved energy levels, which come in handy not only at the gym but also in our daily lives.

Glycogen also enables you to lift more weight for longer periods before muscle fatigue creeps in.


One significant advantage that Max Antler Pro has over its competitors is the fact that it is made out of natural and pure ingredients. The absence of fillers or toxic additives helps this product in preventing any adverse side effects. The HGH booster is also based on a supplement common in Chinese medicine, other ingredients include;

• Deer Antler Velvet Extract

Modern medicine has endorsed effects of deer antler velvet extract. Originally used in traditional Chinese medicine, this component is responsible for increased muscle strength, improved energy levels, reduced body fat, and improved cell recovery.


Manganese is used by cells in many processes that help the body in the production of energy. Without it, you will end up feeling weak and restless. Also, manganese is vital in reducing joint pain and improving one’s general joint health.


An essential ingredient for Max Antler Pro, Zinc is fundamental for cell repair, a healthy immune system, and protein synthesis. It also helps in enhancing blood flow and ensuring that your liver functions correctly. Zinc is usually combined with Magnesium for workout supplements. Magnesium is vital for cardiovascular health, neurological function, and electrolyte balance.


We all know the importance of Calcium in generating strong and healthy bones. In turn, one ends up getting a healthy body overall. Besides that, Calcium helps in the proper functioning of your nervous and cardiac systems.


This trace metal is essential for any form of growth in the human body. The red blood cells use it to carry oxygen to tissues to ensure growth, and connective tissue such as tendons or ligaments hugely depend on it for health. A lack of it can cause strains and cause you a lot of pain.

It is used with Iron, which is a vital hemoglobin ingredient. In turn, your body gets the much-needed oxygen that helps you work out for longer and recover faster.

• Potassium

If you are having muscle cramps during or after your workout, it is probably due to lack of potassium in your body. As an ingredient in Max Antler Pro, Potassium helps you put in a long shift at the gym with no adverse effects such as excessive fatigue afterward.

• Selenium

Selenium is vital in ensuring that you have healthy blood vessels by safeguarding blood flow when you need to work your muscles out at the highest level. It has also been used in the prevention of coronary heart disease and significantly adds to your general body health.

It is used with Prostaglandin, fatty acid compounds that reduce muscle inflammation thereby aiding in quick recovery. Prostaglandin is also vital for efficient muscle contraction; it can be found in deer antler velvet, the soft outer covering on the antler of a male dear.

Benefits of Max Antler Pro

It is important to note that while many companies use extreme methods to extract deer antler velvet, Max Antler Pro uses a unique technique that guarantees the dear feels no pain or give it a reason to fear for its life. People go to great lengths such as shooting the deer or shooting it in a way that will cause it antagonizing pain just to attract what they want.

However, Max Antler Pro takes pride in being the only organization in that sort of business that still maintains sound and human practices.

Longer Workouts

Max Antler Pro also contains high IGF-1 levels, which allows you to work your muscles out more often and for longer periods of time. With reduced inflammation, improved blood circulation, and better cell growth, this product ensures that you do not miss a day at the gym due to excessive fatigue or joint pains.

Let’s face it; the human body can only withstand so much, Max Antler Pro ensures that your body recovers faster thereby encouraging and enabling it to venture into newer challenges such as a higher weight lifting class.

Increased Fat Loss

Another advantage this supplement has is increased fat loss. Most people get frustrated very quickly after spending months at the gym and performing abs exercises every day only to retain belly fat. The result of using Max Antler Pro is a chiseled body with standout muscles.

Energy boost

Max Antler Pro contains ingredients capable of keeping your energy levels high all day. In this day and age, concentration is vital, and with so many things going on, you do not want to lose your job because of sleeping during meetings. A rigorous workout can have you feeling tired the next morning, and throughout the day and with quick recovery as a major advantage of this product, the energy generated goes to ensuring you have a very productive day.

Boosts your stamina

A man does not feel complete until the little guy down there is working as proficiently as he should. Max Antler Pro increases your libido and guarantees perfection in the bedroom. It’s not only your libido that benefits from the improved stamina, but you will also be able to last longer in the gym but and lift more weights as the weeks go by while using this product.

Enhanced testosterone production is key to boosting muscle mass and reducing fat in the male body. As a matter of fact, most men with high testosterone levels can gain muscle and reduce their body fat exponentially after a few workouts as opposed to those with low levels. Max Antler Pro will have you looking like a different person after a few weeks.

Improved Bowel Health

Max Antler Pro contains ingredients that help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Special care is taken to the colon, and all blood vessels in the digestive system benefit from this product as well. Better bowel health ensures decreased chances of food poisoning and fewer chances of having a crappy day at work due to stomach upsets. Also, max antler pro is vital for better and faster digestion.

Faster Muscle Repair

A long duration of rest is nowhere near the efficiency showcased by Max Antler Pro when it comes to muscle repair. While some important aspects for quicker muscle recovery such as staying hydrated are essential for either option, taking Max Antler Pro is unquestionably the best way to ensure that your muscles do not cause you pain the next morning after a workout.

Also, you do not have to skip a day due to painful muscles thanks to IGF-1, the growth hormone contained in this product that helps with cell repair. You will be able to lift the same weights you did the previous day or even add to them without feeling like you are putting a strain on your muscles.

While working out helps you amass more muscle, it also stretches and sometimes ruptures blood vessels, but with Max Antler Pro your muscle repair time will be a few times faster than usual methods such as sleeping.

Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet has been used for generations to control and cure a broad range of diseases. Arthritis, a major problem for most people who work out can be avoided by using max antler pro because it contains deer antler velvet, which helps counter inflammation or joint pains. Also, it helps reduce discomfort, stiffness, fatigue, and pain.

As opposed to taking modern lab-engineered medicine such as aspirin, deer antler velvet is natural. With over 100 types of arthritis out there, you can never be sure which pill to swallow every time you experience stiffness or joint pain. Deer antler velvet cures them all and gives you a greater resistance towards muscle fatigue.

Deer antler velvet also helps in controlling and reducing high blood pressure. Most people over 60 years have a 70% chance of having high blood pressure. Lately, even those in their 20’s are being admitted to hospitals due to high blood pressure. Deer antler velvet has been used on many occasions to reduce blood pressure without eliciting any side effects or interfering with any medication you might be taking.

Also, considering that high blood pressure leads to other diseases such as stroke, blindness, heart attacks, and kidney diseases just to mention a few, it would be wise to consider averting such problems by using max antler pro as your supplement of choice. Other benefits of deer antler velvet include; anti-aging properties, longevity, increased mental capacity, alertness, and an improved athletic performance.



Many weightlifters around the world have expressed their satisfaction and experience with max antler pro. Most of them notice the changes after a few days while others take a couple of weeks to see progress. Here are a few of their stories.

‘My friend was always joking about my weight, so I decided to follow him to the gym one day. After a few weeks, I was a regular and was already losing some weight. However, after a month of intense training, I had only managed to lose eight kilograms. The instructor recommended Max Antler pro, and I have not been disappointed since the first day I took it. I did not believe that I could lose weight and gain muscle mass while at it but my body looks amazing right now’

— George K., Bronx, NY

‘My biggest challenge was getting enough sleep so as to make sure my muscles heal in time for the next day and still retain some energy for a workout in the evening. Since I was working two jobs, sometimes I arrived at the gym tired and could only do too much. Not to mention, I was always fatigued at work and lacked concentration. However, Max Antler Pro has helped me raise my energy levels and become more efficient both at work and at the gym. Oh, the nights are better too, I sleep very comfortably.’

–Lucas, A., San Diego, CA.

‘I have been lifting for six years but hit a brick wall a few months back. I tried pushing myself further but my muscles gave up on me, not to mention, I was always sore and in pain for days after a proper workout. Max antler pro helped me break that wall and veer into more gains and this time, with quicker recovery time.’

–Tyler K., Washington DC.


How long to Expect Results?

Typically, all human beings share the same cellular structure. Nonetheless, people react differently after taking supplements. Still, most claim to experience changes after 2 or 3 days; this means that you get to feel the effects of this supplement during your trial period. If you are following the proper dosage and working out regularly, you should have lost at least all body fat by the third or fourth week.

Why Max Antler Pro is Safe

Several studies conducted on the chief ingredient for max antler pro, deer antler velvet, have established that the extract is vital for improving muscle strength while lowering body fat at the same time in a safe and healthy manner. Institutions such as the National Institutes of Health have reaffirmed this statement which has been published in multiple journals and blogs around the world.

Western medicine has recently accepted what the Chinese knew thousands of years ago, the immeasurable benefits that come with deer antler velvet. Max Antler Pro has also appeared in several television shows and received positive reviews from all the people that tried their supplement. This product is safe because it only contains natural ingredients unlike most supplements with a lot of harmful chemicals.


Max Antler Pro is sold in packs with one package containing 60 pills. All the pills are to be consumed in 30 days. A pill in the morning and another during the evening will do the trick. Use lukewarm water or milk, follow the dosage on a regular basis, and read the instructions on the label of the pack before using the supplement.

There are a few precautions you need be aware of such as over-consumption or keeping the pack near heat. Both can cause more damage to your body than repair. Also, do not let children or the elderly consume it or consume it while on other medication without consulting your doctor. Lastly, accept delivery only after you confirm that the safety seal is not tampered with.

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