Stronger? Bigger? Faster? Here are 5 Key Benefits of Testosterone

Testosterone is simply a steroid hormone that is primarily produced by the testes in men and ovaries in females. It is an important hormone in the development of masculine characteristics. In this article we look at the 5 indispensable benefits of cholesterol to a man.

 Helps boost health of the heart and blood

A healthy heart is able to pump blood to the rest of the body without any major challenges. This helps to supply muscles will oxygen and this enables peak performance. Testosterone helps boost the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. Research has proved that low levels of testosterone are linked to myriad of cardiovascular risks.

Promotes muscle gain and facilitates fat loss

This hormone is responsible for the increment of muscle mass. A leaner body mass come in handy in controlling weight and also elevating energy levels. Studies have shown that men who suffer from low levels of testosterone find it challenging to gain muscle mass and loose fat. Contrasting studies have that while a man with low testosterone can be able to gain lean mass, it s not accompanied with muscle strength.

Enhances Bone Strength

The hormone testosterone plays a huge role in increasing mineral bone density. Keep in mind that bone density decreases with age advancement and testosterone levels drop. This increases the risk of developing weak bones and even suffering from osteoporosis.  Strong bones are important because they boost hip bone and spinal density. Despite widespread claims, there is still no irrefutable evidence that testosterone can lower vulnerability to fractures.

High Testosterone levels boost verbal memory, help with mathematical reasoning and also foster special abilities

Numerous reliable studies have unequivocally proven that men with a higher level of testosterone have reduced chances of developing Alzheimer’s. In fact a strong correlation has been established between thinking ability/mental function and testosterone.

Boosts Libido Levels Significantly

The levels of testosterone naturally rise in response to sexual activity and even mere sexual arousal. Its simple when your levels of testosterone are higher you have more zeal for sex and perfume better sexually.


There is no doubt that Testosterone makes you the best version of yourself. You are able to perform well sexually, please your partner completely and still have high energy; levels that enable you to maintain a well thought-out and appropriate