What Will a Testosterone Booster do to My Body?

Before we answer this question conclusively, we must first make the fact that all testosterone supplements are not equal clear. There are some boosters that are just libido enhancers meaning that they typically contain only a single ingredient. On the other hand, there are others that are full on Testosterone Boosters. In a nutshell what a Testosterone Booster does is to fill in the blanks when you need it the most whether it is in strength, energy, muscle mass or even libido.

Let’s understand the function of Testosterone…

Since this steroid hormone has so many effects on the human body, especially when it comes to men, it is very important that we understand its job description in detail. Research has ascertained that testosterone production is most during puberty and peaks when a man is around the age of 17. It is Testosterone that change the voice of a boy into a man’s voice, it also this hormone that makes muscles fill out and also helps to promote a high sex drive.

So what happens when Testosterone Levels go down?

Since this hormone contributes to a variety of functions, there is no doubt that when it is insufficient there is some negative impact. Having low testosterone levels in men is called Hypogonadism and it often goes hand in hand with erection issues, increased body fat, hot flashes, tender or swollen breasts and even low libido. Let’s not forget that numerous reliable studies have also linked low testosterone levels in men to the development of prostate cancer.

Are there any effects if I have a High level of Testosterone in the body?

There is a reason why testosterone boosters are common with bodybuilder and athletes. According to a recent study, when these boosters are combined with strength training, a man experiences increased muscle size and strength. However, this hormone only works for you if  it is not in excess. This is because too much side effect such as angry outbursts and increased aggression.  Additionally, it will not benefit your body when accompanied by proper nutrition in addition to the appropriate training program.