The P6 Extreme Review

In the last post, I took a detailed look at the first fat burner listed separately here on, which was Yellow Bullet. Up until that post, I have mainly focused on pre workout supplements and weight gainers. Thats about to change with the last post on Yellow Bullet. In this post I will take a look at the first test booster listed here on which is P6 Extreme from Cellucor.

P6 extreme is a natural testosterone booster from Cellucor. The P6 line of boosters from Cellucor has been in the market for some time now, and the p6 extreme is one of the earliest. The booster is likely to be phased out to give room for the new p6 black. The latter is the newest in the p6 line of testosterone boosters from Cellucor. Despite it facing extinction, the p6 extreme remains a popular supplement among bodybuilders. This is because of some of its ingredients, some of which shall be discussed in detail below.

The p6 extreme comes in the form of a blend of 1114mg. The blend comprises of some of the basic ingredients used in popular testosterone boosters and some additional ones as well. The supplement has a prescribed dosage of two capsules twice a day, in the morning and before sleep.

Contained in the 1114mg blend

The 1116mg blend contains the following ingredients.

Ovine placenta powder

Agaricus bisporus fruit extract

The root extract of wild yam

Stinging nettle extract

Saw palmetto

Clary sage

Myrica rubra

Tribulus alata

Withania somnifera root extract

The Ovine placenta powder is the primary ingredient used in the making of most, if not all testosterone boosters. This ingredient is a derivative of sheep placenta and is used to sort of trick the body in to producing more testosterone.

Myrica Rubra is listed on the supplements container instead of bayberry, while the clary sage is listed instead of Salvia Sclarea.

Tribulus Alata is a herb that is a natural testosterone booster and is common in other testosterone boosters. This flowering plant has been known to increase the body’s testosterone levels, hence better stamina and strength.

Beta-sitostestrol is an ingredient unique to p6 extreme, thus not found in other testosterone boosters and is used to inhibit 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone in to dihydrotestostrone. This is one of the side effects of using testosterone boosters that result in hormonal imbalance.

Despite P6 Extreme possessing the ability to inhibit conversion of testosterone in to dihydrotestostrone, this supplement is not devoid of side effects. Some of its users have complained of a dry mouth, flatulence, irritability and sweating as some of the side effects of using this supplement.

Jar sizes, prices

The p6 extreme supplement is available in three different jar sizes, the 60 capsule, 120 and 180 capsules. The supplement comes in 60 servings per container. The 180 capsule container is the most expensive and costs up to 149 dollars, the 160 capsule container costs 119 dollars. The supplement is available in capsules.


P6 extreme is listed on a number of websites including and receives a decent rating score of 8.4. The product is listed on other websites as well including supplement reviews.

Final verdict

The supplement is really not the very best in the market. It is also not a poor performer, especially since it provides a solution to one of the main problems facing testosterone boosters by introducing Beta-sitostestrol. However, the use of bayberry is a potential red flag that is worth noting. This extract, which is listed as myrica rubra, has been highlighted by several medical websites such as and WebMD as being unsafe.

For a safer alternative and to see the best ranked testosterone boosters see this article.

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