Top 10 Best Pre-Workout Formulas for Women


Whenever you hear of pre-workout supplements, they’re usually those targeted at men. But these, if used by women trying to build some muscle, will likely offer undesirable side effects. However, all hope is not lost for those patient enough to keep searching. The pre-workout formula called Powher is a great example of female-friendly supplements that help bring out a well-toned female profile. Read on to see which other options are currently causing waves in the muscle toning arena.

Pre-workout options for men are known to contain large amounts of caffeine. These highs are known to later cause reactions like restlessness, insomnia, itchiness, among other harmful effects, that would deter women from using male-targeted pre-workouts. However, with the rising acceptance of women also wanting to get toned has come plenty of supplements to make it all possible. Be it for slimming down or buffing up; these supplements ensure the process is hassle-free.

 Women’s Top-Rated Pre-Workouts

 Once you decide what your fitness end goal is, getting the right supplementation to aid the process is all that’s left. Here are some of the best pre-workout formulae for women.

– The Highest Overall Rating: Powher

Created solely for the ladies, Powher is packed with natural components to ensure you stay energized as you work to lose weight or build muscle.

 – Ideal for Weight Loss: PreSeries LEAN

This product from Transparent Labs is famed for getting rid of stubborn fat while protecting your thyroid and maintaining lean muscle mass. It’s also suitable for any gender group.

 – Great for Increasing Muscle Mass: 4 Gauge

 With a container that’s similar to a bullet shell, it’s what you need to bring your big guns out. It’s said to have no after effects, making it considerably safe for anyone, man or woman, looking to bulk up.

The use of bodybuilding supplementation isn’t solely about earning a bodybuilding award. These mixes have benefits such as increasing your energy levels and even helping one lose weight. There are also variants for those on strict sugar-free, organic, and keto diets.

 Variations between female and male supplement options

Whichever pre-workout is chosen, caffeine will always feature. It’s the component that gives you the added drive and stamina to hit the weights. However, greater amounts of it bring about undesirable outcomes. The stronger the supplement’s properties, the more likely outcomes like extreme exhaustion, hypertension, itchiness, chest pains, and restlessness, being experienced.

Male-targeted options have concentrated caffeine levels, which may prove harmful to women. Though some women wouldn’t be affected by such caffeine levels from men’s supplements, it’s always advisable you stick to gender-specific products.

 Supplements with no negative effects

As much as there are gender-specific pre-workouts, there are also mixes that are suitable for both genders. Another bonus is they both still energize your workouts minus the drastic crash later on. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the energy released from such pre-workouts is minimal. The punch remains the same, which means, caffeine-induced reactions may still come.

 Selecting the Ideal Pre-Workout

We’ve compiled today’s leading supplementation options for women with fitness goals. But first, you must be aware of what your end goal is so that you land on the right product. Different pre-workouts achieve different results. So, closing your eyes and picking at random is a bad idea. Check details like the energy-boosting components, caffeine amounts, and even carbohydrates per portion. How the mixes are created decides what it’ll do for you. A mix with carbohydrates plus caffeine will give energy and build muscle mass. 

We cannot stress enough about the risks that come from using incorrect pre-workouts. Since each company flaunts the benefits, it’s upon you to make an informed choice based on the components used to create the pre-workout formula. This isn’t to say that advertising doesn’t serve a purpose. Based on a product’s PR campaign, you’ll ascertain the product’s focus, then familiarize yourself with adverse effects linked to the product’s core purpose. Pre-workout reactions may appear on the brand’s site or come from consumer reviews. Below are tips to help make your selection:

· Energy-enhancing properties

Pre-workouts are sought after to heighten one’s ability to endure intense workouts. A product with components like caffeine, vitamins, and carbs ensures you’re adequately refreshed for every session.

· Level of caffeine

This compound effectively heightens the senses and keeps you focused. However, find a product with the right amount for you as too little will do nothing, and too much will give you adverse results later on.

 · Sweeteners

Sugar is great for occasional energy bursts. However, mixes with artificial sweeteners may give sugar rushes that turn to crashes after your fitness session. When in need, opt for natural sugars instead.

· Total carbs per portion

 Carbs are vital for revving up the body in preparation for vigorous training. When contained in supplemental mixes, they’ve been known to help in either bulking up or slimming down, depending on the carbs and protein amounts.

· The added colors

Coloured pre-workouts are nothing new. However, always ensure the product you choose uses a natural, rather than artificial, coloring. That’s because processed dyes are known to bear risks associated with their use.

 · Particular focus

This one is solely on what you want from the product. Pick a product designed for the goal you’re aiming towards.

· Flavour

Considering pre-workouts are orally ingested, how the product tastes is a vital factor in determining whether you’ll use it. Pick something palatable.

 Now, here’s a list of our top 10 best pre-workout for women;

1. Powher

Powher currently retails for $50 and is made from purely natural components. These aim to boost the user’s ability to quickly lose fat during workouts, while also toning up. Powher contains Enxtra, a combination of A. Galanga, G. Glabra, and C. Flexuous, that pairs well with caffeine to enhance energy bursts. The natural compounds in this mix include oxyjun, rednite, caffeine, vitamins, and powdered coconut water.

Though caffeine amounts aren’t stated, it creates a perfect balance between its components and their ZUM XR caffeine for maximum results. Sucralose is used for flavoring, while its pinks color is not from artificial dyes. For beginners, start with a 5 g portion then gradually work your way up to the maximum 10 g portion.

2. FitMiss Ignite

Retailing at $27, FitMiss Ignite has 100 milligrams of caffeine, plus glycine, taurine, and beta-alanine. There are also compounds to turn fat into energy. FitMiss Ignite is made from safe compounds, is gluten-free, and tastes fruity. It’s been checked for prohibited components and cleared.

 Its constituents include citric acid, sucralose, rice concentrate, and acesulfame potassium. It’s sweetened by natural and processed flavors. Those using acceptable portions report they have enhanced energy levels minus any bad side effects. Beginners should use a serving plus 14-16 ounces of water, at least half an hour before workouts.

3. NLA Uplift

Similar to Powher, it tastes great while only retailing at $35. NLA works on fat loss and helping to create a toned muscle structure. NLA Uplift comes in three flavors, with impressive energy enhancing compounds in tow. The NOO Tropic Brain and Body Potentiators Complex provide cognitive enhancers, helping you concentrate with ease while training.

In line with the products mantra, its compounds help in building muscle mass, rather than breaking it. Visit their online platform for a list of all its components. Start with a minimum of one portion, and gradually increase to a maximum of three portions, if necessary.

4. Trail

Made by Blackwolf for the female populace, iTrail retails at $45. It’s among the company’s Huntress Pack, which also includes Hunt and Eliminate. Much as it’s ideal for women undergoing intensive physical training, those doing their ordinary daily reps at the gym can still use it to reach their targets faster.

Trail contains different amino acids, aspartic acid, beta-alanine, and vitamins, which create a wholesome mix with no processed additives. Its caffeine levels aren’t indicated. However, Blackwolf advises you use a 30 g portion in your juice, milk or water.

5. PreSeries LEAN

This Transparent Labs pre-workout sells at $49. Males and females all comfortably utilize it, though trainers working at becoming slim would benefit more. The company has listed all the mix’s components on their site. You will get 180 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous, 360 milligrams of L-theanine, 1500 milligrams of beta-alanine, and 6000 milligrams of citrulline malate, among plenty of other compounds within it.

While using LEAN, its various compounds ensure you receive support for the thyroid plus fat-burning properties, while also maintaining muscles by stripping off fat with compounds like guggulsterone, among other minerals. No preserving agents, colors, or sweeteners are present in this gluten-free, vegan-approved option. Bearing 21 compounds within it, you only need one serving for 12-16 ounces of water.

6. Sexy BCAA

This is a Gym Vixen pre-workout costing $30 and works towards building and maintaining lean muscles. It contains compounds that imitate naturally occurring amino acids. The compounds work together to enhance fat oxidation and endurance.

Sexy BCAA can be taken in advance of the training, while your training, or when you’re done training. It contains electrolyte infused coconut water to increase your training endurance and help you recover fast. It also contains PeptoPro, which transports amino acids for an instant muscle boost.

7. 4 Gauge

Being sold at $45, it’s ideal for trainers intent on getting buff. Pair its large amounts of carbohydrates and caffeine with rigorous sessions to witness the desirable outcome. It’s suitable for any gender.

Much as the company boasts of the high energy released, it only contains 150 milligrams of caffeine. You’ll also get 300 milligrams of red beet, which increases plasma nitrate levels, accelerating anaerobic performance. There’s also 6000 milligrams of L-citrulline DL-malate that boosts blood circulation in the muscles.

8. Catalyst is behind this $30 supplement targeting extreme trainers. It contains compounds that boost your stamina and muscle building capacity. Every portion carries antioxidants from grape seed extracts, calories, and 175 milligrams worth of caffeine. Catalyst also comes packed with iron, magnesium, and more nutritional compounds. It’s got it all for serious trainers and also works well for newer trainers.

9. Intense

This supplement is suitable for trainers in need of keto and gluten-free options at a price of $40. It’s famed as the best pre-workout formulated by Athena. You get improved focus, more energy, and additional BCAAs for increased lean muscle mass.

Bioperine, betaine, carnosine beta-alanine, and L-citrulline blend together to give you more lasting power for your training sessions. There’s also black pepper extract, which enhances the efficacy and intensity of the supplement’s components. Intense also has a fruity flavor.

10. Energy Angel

With a price tag of $51, this pre-workout packs 225 milligrams of caffeine per portion. It’s got no artificial components in it, but rather combines natural compounds like potassium, vitamin C, and amino acids. Energy Angel gets absorbed quickly, making it an excellent supplement for trainers undertaking intense gym sessions.

The best part is that you don’t crash afterwards. You’re continually fueled throughout the day. It contains no colorants or carbohydrates and, unfortunately, isn’t suitable for people who are allergic to gluten or peanuts.

Best Pre-workout for women: When to take

It’s said that a half-hour prior to your sweat session is the ideal time. The caffeine gets absorbed within 45 minutes or less. However, getting expelled takes between 4-6 hours. Alongside these supplements, meals must still be taken as usual. To aid you in achieving the set goals, concentrate your meals with more carbs and lean proteins at least half an hour to your session.

You may experience stomach upsets from taking a strong supplement, just like you would when supplementing without eating. Always eat before taking your pre-workout formula.

 Best pre-workout for women: Some Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How often should pre-workout formulas be taken?

 A maximum of two portions per day, at most, help to avoid caffeine overload.

 So, one session in the morning, and another much later will enable you to recover from each supplemental portion.

 2. Are all pre-workouts made using safe organic compounds?

 Avoid pre-workouts with processed sugars. They’re likely to cause sugar crashes since you’re already on caffeine overload. Also, those with artificial coloring may be okay, but only if they’re used in small doses. Research on the acceptable levels to ensure you get the right supplement for yourself.

 Are pre-workouts harmful?

As with everything that alters the body’s processes, moderation is key to avoid any undesirable effects. Stick suggested dosages and monitor how you respond. Patience is also important. Trying to get results faster than recommended by taking larger doses is likely to severely hamper any progress you may have made. If used badly, supplements can also have effects that are just as bad as any other drug overdose.

 Which pre-workout brand is the best?

For all those training ladies out there, we’d suggest Powher. Its natural ingredients, lack of processed additives, balanced out energy increments, and cognitive enhancement elements make it an easy go-to choice for many. It also tastes great and works well for serious and beginner trainers, alike.