Top Reasons to Be Cautious When Buying Supplements with a Proprietary Blend

Proprietary blend is a very common term in the nutritional supplements industry. It is legally acceptable to withhold the data on the proportion of ingredients used in a supplement. Usually, it is a requirement to list each component in the product and the amount used to make up the total. However, for a proprietary blend, it is not necessary to reveal what percentage of each constituent is present. The company is only obliged to disclose the total weight of the blend. This was a practice started to prevent rival companies from stealing unique formulas and also to stop the subsequent creation of similar products. In the sale of supplements, proprietary blend labels can either be an effort to protect a trade secret but more often than not, it is a scam.

Nutritional supplements have become quite popular in the recent years. They are commonly used to improve health and physical fitness, with most products aimed at weight loss and building muscles. In supplements, proprietary blend tags are supposed to be indicators of a powerful formula that can be found nowhere else. While this might be true for a very small percentage, most blends are an attempt to confuse customers and give them low-quality material.

Why You Should Be Cautious?
In supplements, there are active ingredients that carry out the role that the product is mainly intended for. If the product has a proprietary blend, the buyer cannot tell if they are getting what they paid for. Since most active components are costly, some manufacturers will use a lot of filler substances and a very small portion of what is needed. If you purchase such a low-quality supplement, you will find that it does not work, and a lot of funds will have been wasted.

When taking any form of drug or supplement, it is important to understand the dosage. This is, usually, determined by the portion of each active component. With a proprietary blend, you have to take the amount directed by the manufacturers blindly. There are studies and scientific researches that dictate the specific quantity of a supplement that one should take in order to achieve a health goal. These blends do not allow you to determine if the quantity you are consuming is effective. You could be taking a very insignificant amount and wonder why the supplement is not working.

Proprietary blends are very limiting, and they allow laxity in supplement manufacturing. Since the companies are not held responsible for their products, they pass off inferior goods as proprietary blends and end up costing their customers. A harmful substance or an unnecessary component might also be added, and it will cause physiological complications eventually.

Avoiding Supplement Scams
It is imperative that you research each product thoroughly before purchasing it. Consider searching for third-party certification if a supplement you are interested in has a proprietary blend. It is also important to look into scientific databases to ensure that the components of each blend are active not just useless substances to bulk up the product. Moreover, you should always maintain caution to avoid getting caught up in these scams.

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