Turinabol Review

Turinabol is an anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) that has been surrounded by controversy for almost six decades. In the US, Turinabol is currently a Schedule III controlled substance ( like other anabolic steroids, this drug may lead to high psychological dependence and/or moderate physical dependence), while in the UK it is a Class C drug that requires a prescription. In this Turinabol review, you will find out all the facts and details you need to know, including its history, uses, side effects, dosage and safe, natural alternatives.

What Is Turinabol?


Also known as Oral Turinabol or Tbol, this anabolic steroid is the brand name of a substance called Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone or CDMT, which combines clostebol (4-chlorotestesterone) and metandienone. Turinabol is thus a derivative of the steroid sold under the brand name Dianabol. originally created back in 1961 by JenaPharm, a pharmaceutical company in East Germany, Turinabol was introduced for clinical use in 1965 and was intended to help bedridden patients build lean muscle mass.This anabolic steroid was the very first original drug developed by JenaPharm, headquartered in Jena, Germany and whose parent company is currently Bayer Pharma AG.

Turinabol was the most often used steroid in doping East German athletes under a secret government-sponsored program. According to several government files of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) recovered after its collapse in 1990, one of the largest, top-secret phamacological experiments in history had been conducted for nearly three decades. These documents serve as proof of the governmentally organized and controlled doping in the sports system of one of the most successful sports nations of all time. Turinabol and other anabolic-androgenic steroids had been administered to GDR athletes, including the Olympic team, for performance-enhancing purposes as well as for the virilization of female athletes and teen girls.

The clinical use of Turinabol was discontinued in 1994. Ten years later, JenaPharm was sued by hundreds of German athletes who were forced to participate in the East Germany-sponsored mass doping program and it settled the lawsuits by creating a $4.1 million fund to compensate the athletes. Upon a reanalysis of the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee discovered that Russian sprinters and weightlifters in particular had used Turinabol. Although this is an illegal narcotic that causes some serious side effects, some bodybuilders and athletes still use it.

What Is Turinabol Used For? 

Turinabol (Tbol) is an oral anabolic-androgenic steroid that although it is a derivative of Dianabol, it’s not nearly as potent, which is why is known in the bodybuilding community as “Mild Dianabol”. Because it’s quintessentially a form of testosterone, Turinabol is often used as androgen replacement therapy, to replace T levels in men with low testosterone, help build lean muscle, reduce body fat, improve stamina and endurance, enhance workout/athletic performance and speed up recovery.

As noted, Turinabol contains a chemical called Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone or CDMT and is a controversial anabolic steroid. The alternative name is Turanabol ( called so in many non-English speaking countries), and there’s no difference between Turinabol and Turanabol, as both contain the same substance CDMT. Although most bodybuilders consider it a safer alternative to the more potent Dianabol, Turinabol carries plenty of health risks, with the most serious ones being hepatotoxicity and cardiovascular issues that may cause blockages in your blood vessels.

 How Does Turinabol Work? 

Turinabol works by quickly raising the testosterone levels in your blood. This means that pretty soon, your body will stop producing testosterone in a natural manner because your blood serum testosterone levels will be very high, so the biosynthesis of testosterone in the testes by the Leydig cells will eventually be non-existent, especially when taken in larger doses of more than 80 mg. 

Tbol quickly reduces the levels of sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG ( this binds testosterone) which results in a higher amount of the essential sex hormone testosterone being released in the bloodstream. Furthermore, this anabolic steroid increases both protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscles, thus helping to create a much-anticipated anabolic environment, which is very beneficial to lean muscle growth and strength as well as body fat loss. Additionally, Turinabol increases VO2 max and the amount of red blood cells, thus resulting in improved oxygen transportation to the muscle tissue and faster post-workout recovery.

You will start seeing results i.e. lean muscle gains shortly after using Turinabol, because the substance in this steroid, CDMT kicks in fast. As a result of elevated T levels, you will quickly experience increased muscle mass and strength, and reduced adipose tissue especially in problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs and hips. Turinabol can be used both by men and women, but the dosage is different ( women need to take lower doses).

One of the reasons why non-competing bodybuilders, weight lifters and workout enthusiasts prefer this milder anabolic steroid to Dianabol is the fact that it is non-aromatizable, which means that, when you’re running a Turinabol cycle, this will not cause a surge in your estrogen levels. In other words, it will typically not cause the symptoms which are associated with elevated estrogen levels that include gynecomastia ( man boobs), fluid retention and libido/sex drive-related issues, nor estrogen rebound. 

Tbol is typically stacked with other anabolic steroids and/or natural steroid alternatives such as natural free T boosters and that’s because it can significantly reduce or even inhibit ( at very high doses) the natural T production and also, it’s milder than Dianabol. Tbol is mostly used during the cutting phase of a cycle, as it helps significantly reduce body fat while boosting muscle growth and strength, by preventing protein breakdown.

Turinabol Cycle and Recommended Dosage

Turinabol is by no means a natural supplement, so you shouldn’t use it on a daily basis over a long period of time. If you plan on using this anabolic steroid, then you will want to cycle it. It is generally recommended that you use it daily for a cycle of up to 6 weeks only, then stop using it to allow your body to recover, while preventing potentially liver damage, which is typically associated with prolonged use of this steroid. After 1-2 months off you can start using Turinabol again. Its high availability and fast action are among the reasons why this illicit drug is still popular among bodybuilders.

If you’ve never used the oral steroid Turinabol before, you should start out with a relatively low dose, 10-20 mg a day for a period of time of 1 week to 4 weeks so you can evaluate your tolerance Women should start out with the lower end, i.e. 10 mg a day. If you tolerate it well (i.e. you don’t experience serious side effects during this time) then you can gradually increase the dose to 30-50 mg a day.

It is recommended that more experienced Turinabol users consider a dosage of up to 50 mg of Turinabol a day. A dose of 50 mg a day is ideal for people who’ve taken oral steroids before because it delivers good results with minimal side effects. Professional bodybuilders or advanced users typically take 80-100 mg a day. Keep in mind that the higher the dose, the more severe the side effects especially if used for a prolonged period.

The half life of this anabolic is 16 hours, which means that taking the right dose once a day is more than sufficient. Turinabol stays in your system up to 18 months so if you don’t want this steroid to be detected in a drug test, then you should refrain from using it in the first place. If you’re running a cycle with Turinabol, it’s essential to take a Post-Cycle Therapy supplement such as Arimistane to maintain your muscle gains as well as to restore your natural T production.

Is Turinabol Legal?

The short answer is no. Turinabol is a prohibited substance due to the serious side effects it may cause. As most countries have made it completely illegal, those who want to use this anabolic steroid can only procure through the “black market”. By doing so, you can not only get in legal trouble but also take a huge risk in terms of the effectiveness and quality of the product, and implicitly, the results. CDMT is on the list of WADA’s banned substances. If you get caught with this substance in your possession in the UK or the US, you could face up to 2 years in jail, a fine or even both, and if you’re supplying Turinabol in the UK you could face up to 14 years behind bars and/or an unlimited fine ( at the judge’s discretion).

Turinabol Side Effects

Turinabol is an effective steroid that kicks in fast, increasing lean muscle mass and strength, but it can cause side effects, ranging from mild to severe, depending on dosage, period of administration, one’s specific biochemistry etc. Some of the adverse effects you can experience when taking Turinabol include:

Cardiovascular Conditions

A dangerous side effect that Turinabol can cause is high cholesterol which can lead to various cardiovascular disorders including heart disease/failure, high blood pressure and arrhythmia. This steroid can also increase the risk of atherosclerosis because it can cause blood circulation problems that can even lead to blockages within your blood vessels.

Severe liver damage

Turinabol is metabolized in the liver, which means that it could increase your liver enzyme values to high levels which indicate hepatotoxicity. The risks associated with Turinabol include hepatitis, hepatic tumors, peliosis hepatis ( a vascular condition consisting of multiple blood-filled cavities throughout your liver) and other liver diseases that can lead to severe liver damage, which is potentially life-threatening.

Other potential side effects associated with using Turinabol especially over a long period of time include alopecia ( which means you can go bald) excessive body hair ( e.g. on your back/torso) and other aesthetically unpleasant effects such as rashes and acne. These are caused by the fact that Turinabol interferes with your hormonal balance, by reducing/inhibiting your body’s ability to produce the hormone T naturally, which negatively impacts your natural T levels. It’s also worth noting that the substance in Turinanol has a high addiction potential particularly when used for more than 6 weeks.

Safe and Legal Turinabol Alternatives

As noted, Turinabol is neither legal, nor safe to use, so if you don’t want to get in legal trouble and don’t want to risk your health, you can always consider all-natural, fully safe and legal Turinabol alternatives. There are lots of natural supplements that effectively raise testosterone levels without actually stopping your body from producing this essential hormone naturally, and without the adverse effects associated with CDMT.

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The Bottom Line 

If you want to reap all the benefits of elevated testosterone levels especially lean muscle growth and strength, reduced body fat and a ripped physique, you should advisedly consider the all-natural, safe, and legal alternatives prior to using the illegal and unsafe anabolic-androgenic steroid Turinabol. There are many natural alternatives, without even a trace of Turinabol, that deliver the same results without the aforementioned side effects. Crazy Bulk is the go-to brand if you want to play it safe yet get the same benefits i.e. gains as you would with this controversial anabolic steroid.