Vasky from MTS: Review

I shared 15 rules to live by for optimal health in the last post. And I followed it with a giant rush from a giant sports review. In this post, I am going to review the new product from MTS Nutrition.

MTS Nutrition, the company behind MTS Ruckus, is back with another stimulant-free supplement. The new supplement from MTS does not come with too many ingredients. There are only four ingredients and these are very effective in giving you just the right amount of pumps you need for that workout.

Vasky comes with a short label and it is 100% open. It seems that more and more supplements are going to be using the open label as we have seen from the newer supplements in the market. Here is what you get with Vasky from MTS:

When formulating Vasky™, we wanted a pleasant-tasting, yet unflavored non-stimulant pump enhancer that makes every preworkout better. Rather than fairy-dusting a bunch of redundant ingredients, we built Vasky off of two goals:

“When formulating Vasky™, we wanted a pleasant-tasting, yet unflavored non-stimulant pump enhancer that makes every preworkout better. Rather than fairy-dusting a bunch of redundant ingredients, we built Vasky off of two goals:

1) Improve bloodflow to the muscle

2) Promote saturation of the muscles.

The proven dosing of trademarked and study-proven ingredients in Vasky give you all you need to achieve this. With Vasky’s incredible value, it can easily be stacked with your favorite preworkout to achieve pumps and gains beyond your imagination. Are you Vasky?”

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Vasky – Supplement Facts

  • Taurine: 3 g
  • HydroMax Glycerol: 2 g
  • Nitrosigine: 1.5 g
  • Vitamin C: 100 mg

The first ingredient in Vasky is Taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that your body can easily synthesize on its own. However, you can increase your body’s composition of taurine from different sources in your diet. Taurine is an essential amino acid in your body and that is why the body stores it in large quantities in your muscles, heart, and brain. However, the problem is that your body can’t produce just enough Taurine to sustain you during intense exercises. That is why there is a whopping 3g in MTS Vasky to ensure there is abundance supply for your body while you concentrate fully on your workout.

Taurine is able to improve your mental focus because it is highly concentrated in the brain. It’s also responsible for reducing muscle pains, in addition, it helps in ensuring that the optimal amount of water and nutrients are supplied to the muscles for continuous action and improved muscle performance.

New research ( has also confirmed that taurine helps to lower the symptoms of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). When you take Vasky, it will not only give you all the pumps you need for your next workout, it will also help you recover quickly so that you don’t miss any scheduled days in the gym.

The next on the list is HydroMax Glycerol. It is just a powdered form of Glycerol. It contains 65% of Glycerol, which is a higher concentration than other ingredients. HydroMax has been around for a while. It will definitely add a good punch to the list of ingredients in MTS Vasky. In fact, producers of new stimulant-free pre-workout supplements are embracing it as an essential ingredient in their products. This is because it helps to draw a large amount of water into the muscle, thereby enhancing muscle resilience for longer workouts. If your intention is to see improved endurance, better pumps, and increased cell growth when you use pre-workout supplements, there is good news for you. HydroMax Glycerol is an important ingredient for increasing cellular hydration and some studies; ( and (, have shown that endurance athletes use it as a hyperhydration agent.

Nitrosigine is the next one in the supplement list of ingredients. Nitrosigine is just a combination of silicate and arginine ingredients that help to raise the blood level. The FDA recognizes it as generally safe and they have authorized it as a new dietary ingredient. Although it is relatively new as a supplement ingredient, research has shown that it can give an immediate boost to nitric oxide levels and keep it at that intensity for up to two weeks. While it is common for other pre-workout supplements to max out Nitrosigine at 750mg, MTS Vasky is giving you 1.5g per scoop – so be ready for serious energy bashing workouts.

​Then we got the usual vitamins and minerals – no need for more details here.

Vasky – Verdict​

Vasky is a solid pre-workout supplement with proper dose and no proprietary blends. It comes with a few but proven ingredients that will bring more variety in your workouts. It is very versatile and can be added to your stimulant supplements to get the best bang from your workouts.

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