Volume Pills Review: Will These Pills Add Volume


Many wonder if volume pills do what they say they claim. Well, we have all the time to find out in this article. You see, there are quite a number of pills in the industry promising better sexual experiences for men. They tout their ability to help the small man stay alert and rise up for the occasion when it is time to. They talk about boosting libido, creating stiffer and bulging erections that drill relentlessly like a woodpecker. 

This is the pride of many young men until one actually wants a child. Many don’t know that having an erection and a healthy sex appetite doesn’t necessarily correlate to being fertile. Till they try, try, try again, and now have to visit a fertility clinic. Look, it can be rough out there, especially for couples who do really want kids. At this point, staying power ceases to be the star, and spraying power takes over the sex show. Yes fellows, time comes when the quality and quantity of semen begin to matter above everything else. 

Semen Volume Actually Counts?

Yes, it does, and before you brush it aside, listen to this. Studies show that women actually get better sexual satisfaction when their men ejaculate bigger amounts of semen. In a survey, adult women pointed out that the more the larger amount of semen, the more likely that the man is attracted to them. 

Another study also found that some men feel more confident in their sexual prowess when they ejaculate larger amounts of semen. As the research finds, this results in better sexual performance, and therefore, better relationships. So in essence, the amount of semen you produce really matters a lot.

In this piece, I will be reviewing Volume Pills, a supplement that will not only help you increase the amount of semen you ejaculate but your sperm count as well. Developed by Leading Edge Health, these pills will also increase your sexual stamina so that when next you get between the sheets, you’ll be able to take you and your spouse to the cutting edge of sexual pleasure. Read through this comprehensive Volume Pills Review and find out why they are among the top-rated sexual supplements available today.

Volume Pills: Quick Takeaways

  • One of the best Semen Enhancers
  • Increase Erection Quality
  • Turns the dial on Orgasm Intensity
  • Takes your libido to the next level
  • Packed full of quality ingredients

They are manufactured by a reputable company, which is, in fact, an industry leader producing a variety of many other health, fitness, and sex enhancement supplements. Volume Pills have been tested numerous times and found to increase male fertility, sexual pleasure, and satisfaction in men and their partners while increasing the volume of semen. We’ll take time to look at the volume pill in detail and how they work. That way you’re better educated to decide if this is really for you or not.

What Are Volume Pills? 

Simply put, these are pills that will enhance your semen production, increase your libido, and give you stronger erections for longer, among other benefits. The pills were, however, specifically designed to increase your semen and sperm production. This is, in itself, a fertility enhancement method.

Just as I said earlier in this article, sperm count doesn’t seem to be a worry for most men until it really starts to matter. This has led many to be blind to the many opportunities that increased semen volume can bring. For one, studies have shown that women are more content with sexual performance when their men ejaculate more. When the man ejaculates larger amounts of semen, the woman feels the man is really attracted to her.

In many cases, it isn’t just about the number of pumps that’ll do but the intensity and volume of the spray. This is especially the case when it comes to the ability to sire children. And so, semen and sperm enhancers like Volume Pills come in handy. But that’s not just what these pills are all about. There’s more to them than just enhancing your semen.

Fertility involves a lot of factors. You could have a good sperm count and just the possibility to ejaculate just the right amount of semen and sperms, but still find it hard to impregnate your spouse. This could be a result of, for instance, not being able to sustain your erection long enough, or having low libido. Volume Pills will also help you with this. They combine ingredients that have been scientifically been shown to help with these, among other fertility issues.

In an industry with hundreds of products of this sort claiming they can help men with fertility problems, Leading Edge Health, the manufacturer of the Volume Pills, have stood out from the rest, manufacturing sex enhancers that actually work for over a decade now. This particular product has been in the market for over 16 years; it was first released in 2003. 

Volume Pills Ingredients

A lot of study and intent went into assembling potent ingredients to create volume pill. Many have been used for over millennia in the East, specifically to enhance fertility and sexual performance in men. Modern medicine is just warming up to the potency of these ancient herbs. Right now, there’s a growing trend of the East and the West acknowledging that men can truly enhance their sexual performance and fertility through these ingredients. We will now look at a good number of these herbs and elements that make up the Volume pills.

 · Zinc 

This is one potent element when you talk about sexual performance and fertility in general. It’s for sure one of the most valuable ingredients in this supplement. The pill itself is packed with 24mg of zinc, way above the average consumption for most men. In addition to the virility of your sperm cells, zinc helps with a stiffer, fuller erection. It helps in the creation of very important and valuable sex hormones such as testosterone and prolactin. One good side effect of zinc is its ability to help the body fight off the common cold.

· Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis) 

This ingredient has earned its name for many millennia in the medicinal practices of the Indian subcontinent. It’s detoxification is just one of its many benefits that include vibrant sperm cells.

· Safflower (Hong Hua Fen)

This has been in circulation in the East for quite some time now. It is good for fertility and increased sex performance. When it comes to fertilizing the female egg, an active sperm is important. This herb helps with that while increasing the general quantity of sperm cells. At this point, many sex enhancement pills use it as an ingredient. 

· Tian Men Dong, or Chinese asparagus

This works different; it goes to the circulatory system to relax the muscular walls of the arteries. They also widen the diameter of these blood vessels which give you a quick reaction to sexual stimulation. Now although an erection doesn’t guarantee fertility, a weak one doesn’t help either. With an erection, sexual intercourse can occur which increases the chances of conceiving.

· Dong Chong Xia Cao

Both the Indians and the Chinese have been using this herb specifically for its ability to boost fertility in men while enhancing sexual performance and experience. 

· San Guo Mu 

Another herb that targets the cardiovascular system to increase the amount of blood that goes to the male sex organ. This is the reason why people have stronger erections that last longer. For over 1,000 years, this herb has been in use by the Chinese.

Volume Pills Benefits: The Results to Expect

Take some of Volume Pills today, and it won’t be long before you begin to experience some amazing results, which include the following among others;

Ejaculation Volume;

Apart from the enhanced sexual experience, the volume pill increases the number of sperm cells a man would release during ejaculation. In fact, through numerous tests, it’s been found a 5× increase of the average amount of sperm cells during a sexual release.

Stiffer And Enduring Erection;

Just as we discussed earlier, a lot of these herbs used in making the volume pill, dilate blood vessels while relaxing their muscular walls. This increases the volume of blood flowing towards the male sexual organs and is responsible for hard and enduring erections. 

Supercharged Orgasms;

When you have an increased release of healthy sperm cells, one tends to enjoy explosive orgasms. Scientists have yet to understand the correlation between the two, but studies and personal anecdotes both confirm this phenomenon.

Turbocharged Libido;

When the herbs in the volume pills help you increase the amount of sperm cells, your body would naturally look for a way to offload it. And so the next logical step from there is a higher than normal libido. So if you’ve been struggling with the need to get between the sheets, this supplement is good for you. 

Do Volume Pills Really Work?

Volume pills have around for over 16 years, and many people have reaped off its benefits. This is evidenced by the many positive customer reviews available online. Search Volume Pills on Google and the search engine will return several customer reviews, with many users expressing their satisfaction with the supplement. Going by the reviews and testimonials available online, we can safely conclude that yes, Volume Pills work, and many people are seeing great results.

Note also that such a pill wouldn’t have been endured the competition from other top brands for 16 years if it wasn’t working. The pills promise to help men with semen enhancement and fertility, and people wouldn’t continue buying it if it weren’t working. On the product’s official website, many satisfied men swear by these pills, further indicating that they work.

It is worth noting that for better sexual performance, the manufacturer advises that you should consider using Volume Pills along with other products like Male Extra or VigRX. You, however, use it on its own and still get excellent results.

Where to Get Volume Pills Today

You can only purchase Volume Pills online through the manufacturer’s official website https://www.volumepills.com/. Buying the pills directly from the manufacturer comes with a raft of advantages. First, you will be sure you are purchasing the original Volume Pills and not some fake products out to make some quick buck.

Secondly, you’ll be fully covered by the company’s guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the pills, you can return the empty Volume Pills containers, and you will get a full refund. Lastly, from time to time, the company has special offers, which you can take advantage of and get Volume Pills at discounted prices.

The company is currently giving amazing discounts on all its products. The products come in a variety of quantities, depending on how long they are expected to last and the expected results. For instance, a one-month Volume Pills supply costs at $65 and get to save $14.95. A three-month supply will cost you $160, and you’ll save up to $79.85. The platinum yearly package sells at $348.95 and comes with savings of up to $600. Now that’s amazing! Check out the website today for more information.

Volume Pills Review: Final Thought

If you are looking to boost your sexual health; get a stronger and bigger erection and release more semen volume, try the Volume Pills today. This is a legitimate product that is produced by a reputable company that has been in the sexual enhancement industry for decades now. These pills’ formula has been carefully designed out of a variety of herbs that have been used in eastern medicine for over millennia to boost libido, sexual performance, and fertility.

This product has been on the market for over 15 years now and its popularity and sales keep growing. That says a lot about its potency. But in case you still have doubts, you can easily get a refund if you don’t see any results. If you don’t get any boost in your sexual performance and ejaculation load, then the company will give you back your money, no questions asked.