War Juice from Omega Supreme: Review

I recently shared 15 tips for building lean muscles fast. I also followed that post up with the 11 most underrated ab-training ideas. In this post, I am going to review War Juice from Omega Supreme. Now before we get to the details of this new supplement, let me show you where you can get this new pre-workout and how much this is going to cost you. See the 3 price comparisons below.

War Juice is a new and very promising pre-workout supplement from Omega Supreme. It promises a great pump and vascularity that will blow your mind. There are lots of ingredients in this pre-workout supplement – it packs an insane list of ingredients unmatched by products from Omega Supreme and MTS Nutrition.

War Juice™ is the brain child of Mike Rashid and Big Rob and uses the highest quality, patented ingredients. Big Rob likes a heavy, hard hitting, INSANE pre-workout…something that makes you feel like you are going to burst through your skin. That’s what War Juice does. War Juice has the complete formula to not only support unparalleled energy, sick pumps and even muscle-growth-promoting ingredients like MagnaPower®, an advanced form of creatine.​


War Juice comes with 100% open label. You get to see all the ingredients inside and what’s in it for you:

War Juice – Supplement Facts

  • Sodium: 118 mg
  • Chloride: 182 mg
  • Magnesium: 80 mg
  • Carnosyn Beta Alanine: 2.0 g
  • Magnapower Magnesium
  • Creatine Chelate 1.0 g
  • L-Taurine: 1.0 g
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: 300 mg
  • Theobromine: 100 mg
  • Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate: 68.5 mg
  • N-Methyltyranmine HCI: 50 mg
  • Hordenine HCI: 50 mg
  • Higenamine HCI: 50 mg

First, we have the usual minerals – sodium, magnesium, and chloride – that are common in all supplements.

The Carnosyn Beta Alamine is an ingredient that has been in use for a long time now, not only for those looking to build muscle but for other athletic endeavors as well. It is capable of increasing overall power output and can as well reduce your muscle fatigue during workouts.

​L-Taurine is an amino acid and is essential for proper functioning of the body. The body stores it in muscles, the brain, and heart and enough quantities of it can be produced under normal circumstances. But when you are under physical exertion, the amount in the body is used up and the body is not able to produce enough to keep you going. This is where Taurine comes into place; it helps to draw water and nutrients into muscle cells when the body is engaged in strenuous activities. This means that taking War Juice before your next exercise will help you focus and give your muscles enough to last you through your workout.

​Next, we have Caffeine Anhydrous. Many studies, (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21605608) and (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24164961), have shown that ingesting caffeine is an effective way of improving your mood, endurance, focus, and overall performance. With 300mg in War Juice, there is enough to keep your muscle pumping with energy. It seems that any new pre-workout supplement must have the Caffeine Anhydrous as the main component.

Theobromine is an extract from cocoa and is responsible for the feel-good sensation similar to when you eat chocolate. Like Caffeine, it also helps to stimulate your consciousness and keep you focused during your workout. However, it is more lasting and smoother than caffeine. When you take caffeine in high quantities, you may experience crash downs and some jittery side effects. Theobromine is responsible for countering those side effects when taken with caffeine.

​Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate is the combination of caffeine and malic acid. The malic acid is added for two purposes. First, to protect you getting stomach upset from the intake of caffeine anhydrous, and second to replenish the energy that is supplied by caffeine. In addition, this is the second caffeine content we have in War Juice. When you add the two together from the supplements table, the total is 350mg of pure energy. Although this is an impressive amount of caffeine in a supplement, you may be better off taking 2/3 or ¾ of the scoop to keep yourself from getting extremely high. But if you can take it without any side effect, then by no means get the ball rolling.

​To go with other energy boosters in War Juice, N-Methyltyramine will help get the most from your workouts. It is able to stimulate the flight or fight response that helps prompts the body to produce fatty acids for energy. Moreover, it will give you the needed adrenaline boost for the best performance.

​Similar to N-Methyltyramine, Hordenine is responsible for stimulating noradrenaline and adrenaline that will increase your heart rate and respiratory rate during your workout. With the proper scoop, getting through your workout swiftly is not too far away.

​Higenamine is a beta-adrenergic agonist and a less potent form of ephedrine. Although it is less potent on its own, when combined with caffeine and other energy boosters, it can be very potent.

War Juice – Verdict​

With impressive number of energy boosting ingredients, a whopping 350mg of caffeine and no proprietary blends, War Juice is a solid supplement to will set you up for a super charged workout.

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