Mass Jym – The Missing Suppplement from JYM Supplement Science

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Jim Stoppani is a well-known figure in the bodybuilding space; the same is true for his company JYM Supplement Science and the portfolio of supplements they have developed. There is a good reason for this; in an industry with a lot of dodgy supplement manufacturers, Jim Stoppani stand out from the crowd with a solid background, reputation, transparent information and top notch products.

Jim Stoppani received his doctorate in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Connecticut. Following graduation, he served as a postdoctoral research fellow in the prestigious John B. Pierce Laboratory and Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University School of Medicine, where he investigated the effects of exercise and diet on gene regulation in muscle tissue.

He was awarded the Gatorade Beginning Investigator in Exercise Science Award in 2002 by the American Physiological Society for his groundbreaking research. Currently Jim runs his own fitness website

Mass JYM

Up until recently, the JYM Supplement Science product line carried a lot of different supplements but no weight gainer. With the introduction of Mass Jym, this has now changed. Here is the complete list of supplements from JYM Supplement Science:

Jym Supplement Science 2ZMA JYM
Post JYM
Shred JYM
Vita JYM
Alpha JYM
Omega JYM

Although Mass JYM isnt up for sale just yet, it should be within a near future. I expect this will go right into the top ten list of the best weight gainers within a short period.

Jim has confirmed that Mass JYM will contain the same blend of protein as Pro JYM, but that’s all we know for now. We will have to wait for the release until we can get the rest of the details. This should be interesting, considering that Jim knows what he is doing. Just like with all the other supplements developed by Jim, I assume we can expect to see detailed information on the supplement facts.

I have tested Pre JYM, which is Jim Stoppanis pre workout supplements and I love it (and its the best rated pre workout supplement on

Although Im not a big fan of weight gainers, I think this will be a very solid choice, if you are looking to get yourself a solid weight gainer.

I will share more information on Mass Jym once it’s released and we know more about the supplement facts. Stay tuned.
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